Uncluttering & Organizing Your Home Space

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What NOT To Do When Decluttering Your Home
While it is good that you know how to declutter your home, it is also important that you know what you should not do. According to decluttering guru Nicole Anzia, donít buy anything without organizing your space yet. She also suggests not spending the entire day to declutter the entire house to avoid being burnt out, and to complete a task before starting another one. Finally, donít be upset when you failed to declutter on a regular basis and donít aim for perfection.

Organize Your Garage
The Garage Organization section on DIY Network is a resource for garage organization tips and tricks to help you clear, declutter and reclaim your garage. There are several videos on decluttering, organization, and garage storage solutions like cabinety and a slatwall organizer. Tips include installing cabinets in the garage out of high-density particle board. And here's a handy tip. Organize the items you put in your cabinets according to how often you use the item. For example, put seasonal items like Christmas, Easter, and Halloween decorations in the top cabinets or up high in your cabinets. Things that you use several times a year like camping gear can be placed at the bottom. Keep items you use a lot, like tools, in the middle... that way you have easy access to them and they'll be easy to reach.There other information articles in the section organizing tips, painting a garage floor, installing a garage door, decorate accents, and installing garage shelves, and much more.

10 Easy Steps to Declutter a Closet on HGTV.com
Featured on HGTV.com, Buttoned Up founders Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore share their eight steps on how remove clutter from closets. Their first recommended step is to make an assessment on the problems that caused the clutter. Then, make sure all family members should participate. You should start by removing everything inside the closet and sort them. Donate the clothes that you donít usually wear and throw away those that are not usable anymore. Make sure also the items you returned are properly organized. The last step is to reward yourself for a job well done.

Martha Stewart Provides Helpful Tips for Organizing Your Home
Do you need to deal with clutter in your home? Martha Stewart offers simple steps that anyone can take to get back on track in words and pictures. Whether you are looking for tips to get your kitchen organized or you want to tackle an annual decluttering, you can get information you can use from this informative site. You will find tips for storing items in your bathroom, getting your closet shaped up so that you can tell at a glance what you have available, how to manage paperwork, important documents and photographs, and much more.

Organized Zone
Creative Organizing for home and office can be yours with this website of a professional organizer. Services include residential organizing, de-cluttering rooms, space-saving storage solutions, moving organization, home office organizing and more. Includes home office organizing tips that include addressing clutter in blocks of time, keeping a trash can, file folders and labels on hand, clearing the space you want to organize, evaluating the need of each item, keep sorting and enlist the assistance of a partner to help organize the home office.


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