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Organizing Tips from Real Simple
A world of organizing solutions at your fingertips, this site has ideas and solutions to help you stay clutter free. Find out if you need to be organized, find a personal organizer, shop for organizing products, grow your own organizing business, and explore organizing links. Products include home office organizers, desk organizers, home office furniture, home office storage products, car organizers, garage and tool organizers, wire organizers, living room organizers, kitchen organizers, and more. The organizing checklist includes sample checklists including bathroom organizing tips, house cleaning checklist, grocery shopping checklists, business travel checklists, consignment tips, clutter control checklists, and closet organizing checklists.

Home Maintenance Tips from Weather.com
This dedicate page at Weather.com contains some useful home maintenance tips. This includes tips on how to maintain a fireplace, deck, sump pump, pool and spa, and gutter. A specific article is how to choose firewood while another one has advices on how to prevent water damage. You can also read helpful articles for maintaining house for different seasons and during the holidays. A separate post explains some safety guides when installing Christmas lights. There are also monthly tasks for the entire year, from January to December.

Garage Organization Forum
This is part of DoItYourself.com's public forums. This particular discussion thread concerns garage reorganization in a garage susceptible to flooding. Members of the forum offered several suggestions, everything from a pulley system for raising and lowering shelves to putting in a sub floor above the flood line. In addition to the discussion about garage reorganization, click on Closets & Home Organization for a series of forum discussion threads covering such topics as a laundry chute door, removing a filing cabinet drawer, handicap access, and floating shelves. Topics of discussion change frequently, so check in often for other discussion threads or to start a discussion thread of your own and receive potentially helpful advice from others just like you who have "been there, broke that."

Free Yourself From Clutter
Free Yourself From Clutter is provides services in estate sales, clutter cleaning and home sales. The site has an information section that helps people learn how to let go of 'too much stuff'—papers, clothes, and other paraphernalia—as a pathway to greater productivity, effectiveness, creativity, spontaneity, vitality and peace. Cleaning clutter clears a pathway to personal well being, authentic communication with others, and a connection to the natural flow of life. Instead of a one-time event, cleaning clutter is a daily practice that can be fun and add buoyancy to being alive. Michelle Passoff, author of Lighten Up: Free Yourself from Clutter, offers services, a schedule of classes, and contact information.

Declutter Support
Cluttering is about emotions and psychology not just organizing skills. Cluttering is different than hoarding, but may be related to ADD, OCD, anxiety or depression. There is plenty of support to be found on the popular web network Meetup—the world's largest network of local groups that makes it easy for anyone to organize a local group or find already-existing group wehre they live for face-to-face meeting activities. On Meetup you can likely find a decultter group in your area. Some of the largest groups, with more than 100 members, are in Austin, Chicago, Houston, Cambridge, Mass., New York City, Sacramento, Cary, NC. and Encinitas, Calif.


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