Uncluttering & Organizing Your Home Space

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Declutter Your Home Room-by-Room at Your Own Pace
If your house has a lot of rooms with clutter and you donít know where to start, this article at About.com by personal organizing expert Elizabeth Larkin can help you. The first part is how to choose a room based on the level of clutter. This Declutter Guide offers step-by-step instructions on how to remove clutter from bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, living room, and home offices. There is a separate post on how to declutter closets and another one will teach you how to manage papers such as magazines and newspapers.

Garage and Storage on About.com
This series of articles brought to you by About.com is primarily concerned with garage storage. Get tips on organizing the garage and storage areas. Gain the ability to find items in storage once they are needed. Maybe you'll even compact the stuff in the garage enough to drive your car in and shut the door. Articles include how to set aside a garage clean up day and actually make it fun for the whole family. Learn how to store seasonal clothes properly so they are bug and dirt free when you need them again. How to organize a garage sale, how to clean a garage, starting with the stains on the concrete and working your way up from there. There are tons of tips from a variety of experts on organizing and cleaning your garage and even your attic.

Organizing Products by Organize-It
This website by Organize-Itfeatures storage and organization products to make your life easier including organization products for kitchen, bathroom, closet, bedroom, laundry room, shelving, office, wire baskets, drawer organizers, plastic storage and more. Featured items include hanging pot racks, shelf units, bike racks, pull down closet rods, dryers racks, steel lockers, adjustable wall mounts, wire shelving intermetro shelving, sporting good organizers, garage organizers, lazy susan turntables, kitchen rail systems, cabinet storage, food storage, shoe cubbies, storage boxes and bags, tie and belt organizers, show storage, wall-mounted mirrors, and a hoist system.

Home Organization, Moving, Storage and Cleaning Tips
This series of articles from About.com covers everything you need to know about moving or storage of items around the home. Start with 12 tips and tricks for getting your home ready for a move. There's a basic tool kit for organizing household projects, tips for what to do before the moving truck arrives with all of your stuff, tips for organizing and storing Christmas decorations, and an article about a mudroom makeover. (If you don't know what a mudroom is, thank your lucky stars!). Those articles barely scratch the surface of what this site offers in the way of helpful hints, tips and advice on moving and storing virtually everything in your home. There are 69 articles covering Home cleaning tips alone. This is a huge site that is sure to have the answer to whatever storage or moving question you might have.

Organized Closets
Closet Queen offers help for cleaning out closets, kitchens, storage areas, garages, bedrooms, offices; Weeding through belongings and deciding what to throw out, providing organizational tips to help improve your lifestyle, closet design, planning, packing and unpacking for relocation, coordination with consignments shops to earn money from valuables no longer desired, and delivery to thrift stores for tax benefits. Closet organization photos depict bedroom reorganization, kitchen reorganization and bathroom reorganization by installing closets. Before and after pictures show stunning home changes.


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