Uncluttering & Organizing Your Home Space

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Garage Organization
Is your garage a mess? Is it so cluttered that you can't get your car in it any more? If it is, don't despair. This site has just the information you need to get that garage ship shape. The trick is to get organizers that provide each item in the garage its own place to be, and then to take a little time each day to make sure that everything is back in its place. If you need anything organized, this site has articles covering a wide range of organizational problems such as cabinet and pantry organization, drawer organization, closet and car organization, cosmetic and craft organization, jewelry and wrapping paper organization, a belt organizer, bike storage racks and a lot more. Learn to organize almost anything.

NaturalHandyman.com: Huge Database of Home Repair Tips
NaturalHandyman.com has a wide collection of home repair tips arranged in alphabetical order with many of them written by professionals in their own fields. Among the items that are used inside the house that were explained in this website are adhesive, acrylic, asbestos, bricks, carpets, cement, clothes dryer, dishwasher, fans, faucets, firewood, gas, glass, graphite, humidifier, insecticide, ladder, lead, mailbox, muriatic acid, nails, oil, oven, paint, poison, rugs, screws, septic tank, shower, smoke alarm system, tapes, TV, tiles, ventilation system, vinyl, washing machine, water system, and wood. There are also maintenance tips for attic, bathroom, driveway, fireplace, floors, kitchen, rooms, storage areas, swimming pool, wallpaper, and walls.

Clear Away Clutter as a Path to Healing
Did you know that your environment affects your emotional state as well? As this informative article from About.com points out, when you take the time to go through the clutter in your physical environment, you feel more settled emotionally. Often I have found that when we clean up our surroundings we clear our mental and emotional bodies as well, says the author. She points out that when sort through and get rid of items that don't serve any purpose for you any more, it opens up space around you to be filled with new and better things to make their way into your life. Read through the material here and get inspired to make some positive changes in your own home or office.

Kitchen Organization With Debbie on BlueSuitMom.com
Debbie Williams is an organizing strategist and founder of OrganizedTimes.com. In this Q & A-styled article, Debbie Williams tackles the problem of organizing a kitchen. Her insights, advice, hints and tips can apply, to a greater or lesser degree, to most any kitchen. According to Debbie, contractors never provide enough storage drawers in a kitchen, which is a major problem for most homemakers. However, Debbie points out that in the vast majority of kitchens only 20% of the items in the drawers are used 80% of the time. This means there are a lot of seldom-used items taking up valuable drawer space. According to Debbie the first thing you need is to get ruthless and purge your drawers of items that have not been used within recent memory. The second tip is to stack. Stack plastic containers inside each other, even inside wicker baskets. Wherever possible, stack to save space. Wire shelves, baking tray racks, and over-the-door hangers can almost double the space in some areas of the kitchen. Store tall spoons and spatulas in a crock or tall pitcher and get as many things as possible off of valuable counter space. One of Debbie's suggestions that you might find surprising is that you keep one junk drawer in the kitchen, especially if you have kids, but she also suggests that you go through it once a month and weed out unused items. By following all of Debbie's advice, tips and tricks it may be possible to almost double the useable space in even a small kitchen.


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