Craft of Area Rugs: Sample Resources

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Rag Rugs by Debbie Siniska
The personal website of rag rug maker, Debbie Siniska. Debbie teaches rag rug making in venues across Britain and holds regular workshop near her home. Her equipment includes rug hooks, bodgers, shuttle hooks, and adjustable rug frames. Her rag rugs come in a wealth of designs, styles and colors and are custom made for sale through her store. A rag rug link section offers more resources.

Rug Forum on LiveJournal
If you're looking to converse with other rug hookers, this site is very helpful. You can share your designs and ask questions. There are homemade secrets here, as well as patterns and more tips. Also, many people post pictures as they progress through the rug-making process, so itís easy to see the entire process here from other rug makers across the globe.

Braided Rug Facts
Braided rug facts are included on this website, which includes rug cleaning instructions, rug materials and rug production information. Rugs made of quality spun nylon rug yarn, which makes the rugs durable, stable and fade resistant. Also includes microfilament threads, and information about making rugs. Braids are made with a 5-carrier rug braider. There are only two types of braiding machines made specifically for producing rug braid. They are the 3-carrier and the 5-carrier rug braiders. We prefer and use the 5-carrier since it allows up to 5 colors in any strand of braid. Many braided rugs on the market today are braided using "harness braiders". If you take a second look at the rug and the braid does not appear as traditional braid or as you would braid someone's hair it was produced using a harness braider. These rugs are produced as cheaply as possible by wrapping a thin strand of inferior yarn around a tube. Tube rugs are hard to maintain and every time a strand of yarn breaks the tubular core starts to show. Also note the finishing technique employed with these rugs as well as the stitch length and stitch width. By using a long stitch length and a short stitch width these rugs can be sewn very quickly but quality is obviously sacrificed. Rugs are made using zig-zag sewing machine.

Rag Rug Making from the UK
Over the last 25 years Heather Ritchie has developed and refined rag rug making skills to the highest standard and is one of Britain's most experieinced rugmakers and teachers of rug-making. She now travels widely running workshops and is internationally recognized for her skills. Her site includes a gallery of rugs, as well as rug making tools. Learn about rug making workshops, which include the use of proddy techniques and wool dyeing. Also offered is a selection of rug hooking products, including spring hooks, wooden prodders, wooden lap frames and carding grippers.

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