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Table Skills
Improve your pool game with this website, chock full of pocket billiard news, discussions, pool lessons and more. Watch billiard video clips, play online, learn offensive and defensive pool game strategies, practice with ball control drills and English side drills as well as important shots. Articles contain information about dealing with missed shots, billiard tips, pocket billiards, learning tools, pool laws and more.

Brief History of Billiards and Pool
If you love billiards and pool, you will find it interesting on how the game started. First of all, the term billiard is believed to have been derived from the French words billart, one of the wooden sticks, or bille, a ball, and that the game is being played since the 1600s. On the other hand, the word pool means a collective bet. Although this term is also used other games that involves pool such as poker, it became more attached to pocket billiards. For more information on the rich history of the game, you can read the condensed version of A Brief History of the Noble Game of Billiards article by Mike Shamos, posted here at

All About Cue Sports on Wikipedia
Whether you're an old pro or if you've never touched a pool cue or chalked up your hands before, this Wikipedia page has information about pool, billiards, and snooker that will definitely be of interest to you. For the beginning pool player every aspect of the game is covered in detail, from the various equipment (balls, tables, cloth, racks, cues, bridges, chalk, etc.) to the types of games played on carom billiards, pool and snooker tables. On the carom billiards table, the major games are straight rail or straight billiards, balkline and three-cushion billiards. On a regular pool table with pocked, the most popoular games include eight-ball, nine-ball, straight pool and one-pocket; these games can be played by two players or by teams. There is also a game called speed pool. English billiards is another game, and snooker is a British pocket billiards game, which is the most popular cue sport in Britain.

Top 100 Tips and Trick on How to Win in Billiards
The aim of playing billiards is to win the game. Whether you are new or an old-time player, these top 100 tips can surely help you. Here, you will learn the basics of billiards, how to aim properly, how to control the cue ball and its speed, the right way and position to make a shot, and how to play safe especially if you are on the winning edge. There are also strategies for aiming carom and kiss shots, how to use sidespin effectively, the so-called 90 and 30 degrees rules, as well as best practices for different kinds of shots.

Free Pool Lessons
This section on Easy Pool Tutor contains articles organized into lesson plans tp learn the game of pool, or become a better player. You'll learn the fundamentals of pocket billiards, how to aim and pocket balls, the three basic shots in pool, the basics of controlling the cue ball, understanding how to spin the cue ball for shotmaking and position play, advanced shots, banks shots and kick shots, and advanced position play. Grips, stances, aiming, bridges, addressing the ball, banking, putting English on the ball, combos, masse, kiss, and the jump shot are just some of the topics covered. Other articles deal with such things as equipment and mental toughness, as well as how to practice to improve, and safety and defense. Also provided are instructional articles by specific pool professionals.

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