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Organize Your Kitchen from
Site includes links to cut clutter and save time in your kitchen. Includes links that offer guides to meal planning, and decluttering. Clear the counters, empty the dishwasher and bring your kitchen to an ordinary state of clean before you begin. Fill a dishpan or sink with hot soapy water for quick clean-up and replacement of dusty items. Together with clear counters, you'll need a minimum of four boxes and a good assortment of garbage bags to begin. Sturdy black plastic garbage bags not only hold lots of broken and discarded items, they also prevent Declutterer's Remorse—the condition in which you second-guess your own decision to discard by retrieving items from the trash. Out of sight is out of mind, so declutter right into opaque trash bags for best results.

Understanding the Different Paint Colors for Your Kitchen
Besides the design, the color of your kitchen also matters a lot. In this article at, you will understand the different paint colors for the kitchen and how to choose the right one for you. For example, warm colors such as red and yellow act as appetite stimulants. For vivid colors such as orange and turquoise, they can add energy to your kitchen. There are a lot of new colors today that you can choose from, such as misty yellow and tender green. But more importantly, you should know how to mix and match the right colors.

Get Tips for Kitchen Remodeling on a Budget from This Old House
One of the major pitfalls to kitchen remodeling is going over your budget. Even homeowners who add a cushion to the amount they want to spend may still end up with a surprise when they total the amount they are spending for a kitchen upgrade. Based on canvassing dozens of industry professionals, this informative article presents 21 ways to save on a remodel. Included are techniques to increase efficiency rather than size, increase the amount of natural light coming into the kitchen without adding windows, limit recessed light fixtures, don't overspend on wall prep, save money with a DIY kitchen demo, and how lookalikes can be used to create a luxury kitchen on a budget. Other helpful tips for saving money on kitchen renovations include avoiding moving the sink, buying stock items if possible and buying building supplies at auction.

Ideas for Great Kitchens at Sunset
The publisher of Ideas for Great Kitchens owns the website Sunset, which provides a weatlth of ideas on every aspects of kitchens--design, decorating, makeovers, entertaining, different types, etc.--primarily from the perspective of "western" living, which is what the site is about. In addition to kitchen ideas, the site features food ideas, a home section, garden information and travel tips. Subscribe to the kitchen publication for kitchen design and decorating tips.

Luxury Kitchen Faucets
This section on Houzz shows more than 125,000 luxury kitchen faucets available these days, which can add style and luxury to your kitchen. Luxury faucets are available for all themes and style needs, such as cozy traditional, farmhouse, modern, classic, or gallery loft spaces—hands-free touchless faucets, contemporary gooseneck, just a plethora of different styles for different spaces.

Kitchen Storage Tips and Ideas
Storage is a common problem in every kitchen. First, you should know how you will use your kitchen. Then, ask yourself which kitchen accessories that are needed to be stored and those that can be displayed. For better kitchen storage, place the items you usually use in an area you can easily get them. Instead of simply putting them inside a cabinet, try using hooks, racks, containers, and drawer dividers. To maximize the space, storage containers should also have the correct size to hold the ingredients. For additional storage space, use the extra space of your kitchen walls. Having proper lighting is also very important. For more kitchen storage tips, check this useful article at

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