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Home Lighting Design Tips from Melanie Freundlich
Melanie Freundlich founded the Melanie Freundlich Lighting Design back in 1997. In this article, she answers some common questions on home lighting design. According to her, some people find it hard to choose the right lighting fixture because they focus on the fixture and not what it can do. She said that a living room should have a variety of lighting heights and locations, and that a bathroom should have lights on each side of the mirror and above it. Freundlich added that solar lights donít seem to work very well. Besides recommending that all switches should be changed to dimmers, she gave some tips for the proper lighting in others parts of the house.

How to Choose Your Bedroom Lighting
Bedroom lighting is made up of several different elements, depending on the time of day and the desired mood. Bedroom lighting needs to take into account mood, task, and general lighting needs. This article on Houzz provides four steps to get the lighting rights in today's multi-functional bedroom. Learn the various types of lighting needed for dressing areas, bedside tables, specialty lighting for paintings or artifacts, low voltage lighting, dimmers, wall sconces and other contemporary lighting issues as they apply specifically to the bedroom. Lastly there is a general discussion of power points in the room to adequately handle such diverse needs as lamps, track lighting, curling irons, hair dryers, musical systems, televisions and more. Proper bedroom lighting is a mixture of several different kinds of household lighting, each with a function that varies by task or mood required.

Guidelines for Kitchen Lighting Design
This web page offers advice, information, and tips on contemporary kitchen lighting design. Covered in the articles are recessed lights, over-cabinet lights, under-cabinet lights, toe-kick lights, pendant lights, ceiling fixtures, and daylight. Many fixtures and bulbs are discussed: fluorescent, halogen bulbs, direct, indirect, recessed fixtures and lamps, under cabinet fixtures, and task lighting. Energy saving tips and low voltage lighting are discussed. This is a very specific web page for people looking at interior home lighting design for the kitchen.

Make Your Bathroom Beautiful With a Mixture of Well-Chosen Lights
Bathrooms are often the darkest part of the house. Brighten your up with a mixture of carefully selected lights. They will not only add beauty to your home, but they can also enhance your home's resale value. According to this site, lighting experts agree that a proper mix of pleasing bathroom lights not only enhances the bathroom itself, but affects how a person view himself or herself. Bathrooms are no longer simply functional, but now represent a haven within the home and the proper lighting can help a person feel relaxed and comfortable within that home. Because the bathroom has so many complex surfaces, it requires a great deal of thought and planning for proper lighting. One way to do this is to match the finish of the plumbing fixtures with the finish of the lighting fixtures in order to tie everything in together. Different types and styles of lighting are discussed, everything from fiber optics to reading lights over the toilet. Bathroom is an often over-looked and inexpensive way to brighten up an entire home and at the same time add intrinsic value to a house.

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