Investing in Real Estate: Sample Resources

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Hotel Rooms as an Investment
This IPIN Global website helps real-estate investors make strategic decisions about their investments in the real-estate markets. One way of doing it is by ensuring that the investor is informed about the markets at all time. The real estate market experts at IPIN guide the investors about the different investment market instruments such as Funds, REITs, or leasebacks to help the investors make highly informed choices about their investments. Here they talk about the investment risks and potential returns of hotel rooms as an asset class in the currently booming real-estate investment market. IPIN's ultimate goal is to enable investors to make enhanced profits with relatively small risks from their real-estate investment strategies.

Best Places to Invest in Florida Real Estate
This Nerd Wallet feature article provides a data-backed analysis of the Florida real-estate market post the recent recovery in the market. Florida, according to this article, was the hit the hardest during the recession in the U.S., has shown signs of rebounding through the rising home prices. For example, home prices in Miami have steadily gone up since late 2011, and as usual, the tourism continues to grow unabated. The article scans through property prices in 227 locations spread across the state and reports that the lowest reported sale $37.36 per square foot in Kenneth City in Pinellas County and the highest one was $546.77 per square foot at Key Biscayne.

10 Reasons to Invest in Spain's Real Estate Market
According to this LinkedIn article, the most important reasons behind Spain's new celebrity status as a promising real-estate investment destination are the country's economic recovery and the Golden Visa rule that allows potential investors and their family members travel within the Schengen area without visas. The top 10 reason cited for investing in this country include economic recovery, low prices, the rise of tourism, direct flight from UAE, Golden Visa rule, the growth of rental properties, the presence of celebrity investors, potential for price growth, growing markets, and easy access to credits. The article also points out that the commercial real-estate market shows more promise in this country.

10 Reasons Independent Hotels Will Do Better Than Chain Hotels
This article by HospitalityNet tells why the European tourism industry is largely dependent on independent hotels rather than on chain hotels. This in turn tells us why if you are planning to invest in hotel real estate in Europe, then investing in independent hotels is a prudent choice rather than investing in a property backed by a luxury hotel chain. After the sovereign debt crisis that affected most of the Europe, tourism industry too was affected. However, independent hotel owners are bouncing back with much vigor than star hotel chains. Thus if you are looking for lucrative hotel real estate investment deals, look no further than independent hotels in Europe.

How Investing in Commercial Real Estate Works
This Fundrise article makes a comparative case between traditional investments classes like the stocks and bonds and commercial real-estate investments. According to the author of this article, commercial real-estate offers opportunities for regular cash flows through rental income and intrinsic asset value that appreciates over time. Although real estate is a scarce asset, it has a hard-core financial value that grows with time. What the author means is that commercial property offers steady returns at relatively low risk than a stock or a bond, which are usually at the mercy of market movements. This article further states that though millions of investors have used commercial real estate for low-risk returns and portfolio diversification, very few of them understand how this investment market works.

Barcelona is Third European City for International Hotel Investors
This Barcelona Catalonia article makes use of ready data to prove that Barcelona is among the top hospitality real estate investment markets in Europe. The first data used in the article is from Irea, a financial and strategic consultancy firm, which states that currently, Barcelona is the third most popular destination in Europe for international investors, following London and Paris. This city has witnessed the opening of 65 hotels in six years, and 63 percent of the city's operational budget has been invested in hotels. According to Gremi d'Hotels de Barcelona, with the city's phenomenal growth in the hospitality sector, the total number of hotels now stands at 352.

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