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Dining Room Décor
Enjoy fine dining in a dining room that exudes style. The colors and textures of the dining room china, the shape and size of the table, the tablecloth and napkins, the stemware and flatware, any centerpieces, the lighting, and the greenery all affect the energy and look of a dining room. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how about a thousand pictures? This website provides a gallery of photos for all rooms in the house. The dining design gallery will give you ideas of such things as what wall colors work best in different types of dining rooms, what table styles look best and how to arrange the furniture, and how to choose stylish dining chairs that provide comfort.

Comfortable Family Rooms
A family room is a social room in the house that should comforable, right? Midwest Living magazine provides an article full of photos on 29 comfortable family rooms. In achieving a comfortable ambience, you need not be stuck to one kind of design idea. The rooms in this article are all casual yet illustrated many style options, all designed for reaxing. Here are some example. A casual English country-inspired family room echos a sense of the part with items such as needpoint pillows, a rug-upholstered ottoman/coffee table, slipcovered seating, fintage art and a Dutch door. Going through these examples, you can see that there are many possibilities. Rethink aged pieced pieces to bring warm character to a room. Perhaps even paint them. A side table, an old carpenter's box carries the stuff of relaxation, such as a good book and a cup of tea. More than just pretty faces, pillows made with vintage needle art lend personality and comfort to an easy chair that is subtle enough in pattern and color to show off the artful pillows proudly. Beautiful objects arranged with simple symmetry draw the eye to them, turning a blank wall into a focal point. For a balanced display that pleases the eye, create a visual triangle. Place large objects first, in this case a boxy bureau topped with the architectural fragment. Then, fill in with right-sized items, working down and out to visually balance the sides as you go. Warm a fireplace wall by layering on family mementos.

Find Out How to Make Your Own Extra Large Bean Bag Chair
If you want to make an extra bean bag chair, check out the instructions posted here. Not only will you discover how to make a durable giant bean bag chair that includes a muslin inner liner, but you will find cutting instructions for child and adult sized chairs. Find out how to sew bean bag chairs in words and pictures for an easy craft project.

Include an Indoor Wall Fountain in Your Plans to Make a House a Home
You've placed your furniture in an attractive manner in the rooms of your home, but it doesn't feel like a home...yet. What other options do you have? Once the big pieces are placed in the way you want, now it's time to personalize the layout of the room by adding some accessories that reflect your personality. If you want to create a space that is inviting and a little different, then adding an indoor wall fountain is a great way to achieve this effect. Don't play it safe when you decorate; inject some of your own personality into the room, and add value to your home as well!

Easy and Cheap Ways to Remodel your Bathroom
If you plan to remodel your bathroom, you want it to be easy and economical. First, you can cover some portions of the wall surface instead of replacing them. For your bathtub or shower, you can simply refinish it depending on the damage, or use a pre-fabricated one instead of hiring of tradesman to fix it. For painting, and installation of toilet, there are many free DIY (Do-It-Yourself) tutorials that are very easy to follow. There are also many cheap but wonderful bathroom vanity units to choose from. For more detailed explanation, check this article at About.com.

99 Home Organizing Tips That Can Help You Save Money
Having an organized home can cost you a lot of money if you don't know the right strategies. But with this ninety nine tips from StyleAtHome.com, you will not run out of ideas. Among them are using an old baby-food jars to hold spices, using a cardboard six-pack container for your kitchen condiments, recycling of old plastic shopping bags, repurposing cardboard boxes for your shoes, reuse leftover gift-wrap ribbons to tie extra electrical and other cords, and using an old wooden stepladder as books holder. To make sure you won’t forget anything while going to the store, put sheet of paper on your bulletin board on items that need replenishing.

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