Keeping Children Safe: Sample Resources

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Home Safety Tips for Kids on
Young children are very curious and love to put anything inside their mouth. Being a responsible parent, you should make that your house is safe. If you want to know more safety tips for kids, check this huge checklist at This includes safety reminders for every part of your house, including kitchen, bathroom, nursery, master bedroom, family room, stairway, banister, laundry room, garage, and swimming pool. There are also recommendations about toys, decorating of plants, kids' seats, and how to protect your house from fire. There are also some things that you can teach your children to avoid accidents at home.

Personal Injury Cases Involving Children
This article on AllLaw discusses how the law protects children who are injured in an accident and who is liable when a minor causes an accident. The rules about making an accident claim are different than for adults because the child is too young to enter into a contract. Although laws vary by state, tenerally a child has a right to compensation for pain and suffering, permanent injury or disability, in the same way and for the same amounts as an adult. Also, legal liability fo accidents caused by minors is based on the same notion of care and carelessness as accidents caused by adults. However, the law applies different standards to different age groups.

Train Your Dog or Puppy Not to Bite
Doggone Safe is a site dedicated to dog bit prevention. It has an array of techniques for dog owners to put an end to their dogs' biting tendencies. It features articles from professional dog trainers who explain the root cause behind puppies' biting behavior and talk about effective ways to teach them to behave otherwise. You will also find small dog training videos that is far more easier to understand, without having to go through the drill of reading pages and pages on the same. A handy article had quick tips (with illustrations) on teaching kids how to behave in the event that they come across an aggressive biting dog.

Choosing and Using Car Seats
Information about the proper use of child restraints and seat belts including restraint selection, harnessing children in child restraints, and the basics of installation. This site contains the basics for child restraints and seat belts, choosing and using seat belts, harnessing and installation, the basics of using seatbelts, latches, child restraints in school buses and airplanes, recalls, transporting children, as well as a section about children and airbags. Training resources as well as a contact list is included.

Child Safety Recalls
Find out what products have been recalled with this up to date database of recall notices. Also includes a section on child safety book reviews, and health news. Safety tips are also noted. There is a section of articles about unintentional poisoning, pool hazards, baby safety, water safety tips and more. Sections on parenting, newborns, preschoolers, K-12 students and more child safety forums are included.

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