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Golf Psychology Archives on Stay in the Zone
Mental focus, calmness, and confidence are important in any game, but most especially in golf. If you want to be a great golf player, you have to be in the zone a mental state where you are calm, confident and focused, when you are living in the moment without self-doubt, and when your actions flow effortlessly. This page lists down articles you can read in order to place yourself in the zone, and to stay in the zone. Article topics include mastering the mental and physical parts of the swing, calming the nerves on every tee shot, and using self-hypnosis to chip better.

BackTalk Provides Resources for Chiropractors and Their Patients
The web site is a valuable online resource for chiropractors and other medical specialists who want to provide quality information to their patients. The product line available here includes a variety of items, including brochures, informational pamphlets, calendars and books. The site also includes information about continuing education programs, as well as audio and video links. Helpful information for young chiropractic patients is also presented here, since children may not know what to expect when seeing a chiropractor. Prospective patients can use the handy chiropractor locator to find a practitioner near them.

6 Sets to Build Swimming Endurance
Swimmers can easily build endurance with proper sports training. This article describes a variety of drills and exercises that can be used to build endurance for sport swimming or triathlons. It includes specific exercises and strokes to use to build up your strength during training, such as: stroke drills, f/s speed drills, one arm f/s and more. Included are sample sets to build strength and other good drills for swimmers. The types of conditioning work are alternated or cycled within each weekly training plan so that they can recover from one form of stress while applying themselves to another.

The Sport Psychologist
This is one of the many journals published by Human Kinetics, whose purpose is to produce educational programs and publications. This journal features publications on applied research such as Athlete Burnout Prevention Strategies Used by U.S. Collegiate Soccer Coaches and The Development of Self-Compassion Among Women Varsity Athletes. It also features studies on professional practice, like Exploring the Understanding and Application of Motivational Interviewing in Applied Sport Psychology and Efficacy of a Brief Mindfulness Intervention to Prevent Athletic Task Performance Deterioration: A Randomized Controlled Trial. It also has a section for book and resource reviews, and The Bulletin Board, a pay-to-access sport psychology news and information provider.

Chiropractic Care for Back Pain: Benefits and Risks
In this article at reviewed by Melinda Ratini, DO, MS, chiropractors are described as a health professional that uses hands on adjustment treatments such as spinal manipulation. In these techniques, the theory of proper alignment of the body's musculoskeletal structure is being applied, wherein the body can heal itself without surgery or medication. With chiropractic care for back pain, the chiropractor first reviews the medical history of the patient, then performs a physical examination, and creates a treatment plan. The article noted that chiropractic care (including spinal manipulation) is generally safe. There is an explanation about its benefits and risks.

Triathlon Training Source: Nutrition, Swimming, Ironman, Running, Biking
This website by triathlon club Tri-Sport Epping provides a very useful source for beginning triathletes and experienced racers. There is advice on deciding if triathlon is for you, tips for triathlon training, race day tips and more. One section discusses breaking up training into phases, and another triathlete shares keeping a triathlon training log. There are also ironman tips, as well as a nutrition section. Sections on swimming, running and biking techniques are offered. The practical advice is written by real triathletes, which is why many will find it a very valuable source.


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