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Sports Drinks: Help, Harm, or Hype?
This article on Runner's World by Leslie Bonci discusses sports drinks. Most products marketed as energy drinks contain high concentrations of carbohydrate and some caffeine in addition to water. Some energy drinks contain herbs, amino acids, protein, and other substances, usually in such small amounts that they are unlikely to have any noticeable effect on performance. The content of some of these energy drink products may result in inefficient absorption of fluid and nutrients from the intestine, with the possibility of gastrointestinal distress and problems. Energy drinks are quite costly sometimes and, because of their composition, are not suitable for use by athletes. Athletes should be educated about these products and guided towards other foods and fluids that will not pose potential risks. Alternatively, there are effective sports drinks formulated, e.g., formulated to provided approxmiately 14 g of carbohydrate in the form of glucose, fructose or maltodextrins in every 8 oz of beverage; additionally, electrolytes heop drive the desire to drink and reduce or prevent cramping during exercise.

Sports Nutrition Guide by the Palo Alto Medical Foundation
If you want to have a strong and healthy athletic performance, you should go beyond the hard work of training and practice. You should also have proper nutrition. In this article by the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF), you will understand the importance of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, fats, and water to your body. To attain maximize athletic performance; your calorie intake should be sufficient. And because not all bodies are the same, there are really no general rules on what to eat before and after a workout. However, the PAMF has some recommendations. You can also read some tips about health supplements and how to maintaining your athletic figure.

Atlas of Life Chiropractic Focuses on Upper Cervical Spine
when you have questions about cervical spine health, make a point of surfing over to the Atlas of Life web site. It contains several helpful articles on numerous topics, including why a misalignment can lead to pain and other health issues and answers to FAQs about upper cervical chiropractic care. Check out the online directory to find a chiropractor near you who uses this treatment technique.

Water: The Best Sports Drink?
This article from Harvard Health Blog, titled Trade Sports Drinks for Water, discusses water as being the most critical for growth, muscle development and overall health. Since muscles are nearly 70 percent water, even a small loss of fluid will affect their function. Nerves control muscles. The electrical stimulation of nerves and contraction of muscles occurs due to the exchange of electrolytes dissolved in water across the nerve and muscle cell membranes. If you are low on water or electrolytes, as many triathletes run low in a race, muscle strength and control are weakened. A water deficit of just 2 to 4 percent of your body weight can cut your strength-training workout by as much as 21 percent, and your aerobic power by as much as 48 percent. Water is integral, as is electrolyte replacement for athletes.

Staying Hydrated While Biking and More
Geared towards women, this article discusses preventing and dealing with hydration. Dehydration is probably one of the most common, and least appreciated, health problems if you're active in the outdoors. Each time you're active—biking, swimming, running and more—your body releases excess heat through sweating. Sweating is useful; in a dry climate, the sweat evaporates and helps cool you down even more. In a humid climate, of course, you just "glow". Staying hydrated will help your endurance, help prevent heat problems, assist your body in working efficiently, and help prevent injuries, as you are more prone to injury and heat stress when you're dehydrated.

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